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Emberleys Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
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Since 1992
Rod Emberley - Master Licensed & Bonded Plumber
Residential - Commercial -Industrial
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For Your Plumbing & Radiant Heating Assurance - The Right Choice Is Emberley's.

We provide a full range of supplies and services that are customized and tailored to fit your needs.

New To The Fleet - Power Flusher

Water jets are ideal for clearing soft stoppages and ice from drain lines.Power Flusher They use a stream of high pressure water that hits the stoppage and flushes it away. The thrust of the jet nozzle drives the hose down the line, providing you with wall to wall pipe cleaning action for a maximum of 500 feet. Clearing grease and ice with high pressure water.

The Drain auger clears the heaviest blockages from grease to roots and it can also be utilized to do the smallest drains in the home. Our power flusher machines work within 1½ to 6 inch pipes and for lengths of up to 150 feet.

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